July 31st 2009… World Record VFS 108 way day…

8am on the ramp, kitted up ready to go.. dirt dived and in the air by 0845, running in on the 2 minute call with O² still on, red light comes on and the climb out begins.. As front float i have a radio to leave on the verbal ready from the base plane, the ready is the key and the visual is totally different from the previous jumps for me as I am now lower than the base and looking at it as it accelerates fast, people swarm towards the centre.. the build reaches 102 or something along those figures. My personal skydive was shocking as my slot seemed to be a way away from where i was on exit and the visual was totally different than expected, even though I had the same slot but different exit… not getting to your slot is a non excusable offense on a WR attempt and the canopy ride was full of remonstration and emotion, i can say with fervour that after so many successful dives to the slot, i hate front float ha ha 🙂

The attempts throughout the day have seen a 106 and other big but incomplete builds, many people are commenting on how the huge amount of people makes everything fairly confusing, a huge shifting picture, inverted and incredibly fast… if it was easy it wouldn’t be a world record huh!

Will try and get some footage to add some time today..

Ciao for now


1 Response to “July 31st 2009… World Record VFS 108 way day…”

  1. July 31, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    fingers crossed.. keep the updates comeing..

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