FS Coaching at Infinite skydiving

For the 2010 season Infinite Skydiving have the pleasure of promoting their formation skydiving coaching school at the dropzone every weekend.

What’s new??

Once the AFF course and consolidation jumps have been completed we have British Parachute Association accredited coaches available to get you through the FS1 requirement (Manual). laid out here is the FS1 as in the BPA Operations manual.

6.4.         Formation Skydiving (FS)

6.4.1. To obtain Grade 1 in Formation Skydiving (FS1) the parachutist must, be introduced to FS by a CCI/Advanced Instructor nominated FS1 Grade parachutist or equivalent of proven FS instructional ability, have received a full safety brief and demonstrated the ability to:

a)            Control fall rate.

b)            Control horizontal movement, (forwards, backwards and sideways).

c)             Achieve ‘docking’ techniques.

d)            Turn in place.

e)             Dive and approach a target.

f)             Complete four points of 4-way FS.

N.B.(1)   No more than one Category 8 jumper per group, all other jumpers in any group must be FS1 parachutists.

N.B.(2)   Training programmes other than those contained in the BPA Formation Skydiving (FS) Manuals are acceptable for training for FS1, provided all the requirements of sub-para 6.4.1. (above) are met.

SEC 2/PAGE 9/FEB 2006

The cost is minimal at £45 per one on one coached jump with a full brief and video de-brief for each jump. You can also get the footage on DVD to take away at the end of the course for a charity donation to Karis kids who we are working with in 2010. (more about the charity later)

The FS1 is a fun and worth while level of skydiving to attain (mandatory if you want to jump with your mates) and we see many skydivers get a little lost as to where to get the correct high quality coaching needed to safely and quickly gain the qualification, learning the up to date techniques used by the UK’s best teams who are also still paying the worlds top coaches thousands of $$$ to coach them and filtering the skills and techniques down to you at such a small cost is fantastic value.

check out some of our current students:

Our coaches are Phil Hartree (also one of our AFF Instructors) Georgie Roles, 4 way FS team member from the “Jet Blondes” and currently uk FS team “Fend 4 Yourself” and Benji Dawson who also flies camera for our FS, AFF and Tandems providing awesome footage and images.

have fun in the skies and enjoy the journey



Only an hour from the capital we are easily reached from London and the South East as well as Bimingham and the West Midlands by both rail and road with the m40 corridor only a few miles from the Airfield.

1 Response to “FS Coaching at Infinite skydiving”

  1. 1 Damon Tai
    February 11, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    Wow, what a way to get yourself out the office! I only went to do one jump, and here i am 95 jumps later with my own rig :-), I think part of that is down to Infinite Skydiving. After completing my AFF course, i then moved onto getting my FS1. I was coached by Phil mainly and also Georgie who were amazing, both in the air and on the ground, always trying to help. I think it also helped doing more than one FS jump in a row. Try and do more than one a day if you can, if not 5, it truly helps. I found the biggest thing that helped me was the tunnel training. You don’t think about what altitude you’re at or when your going to pull it’s just 10 minutes of relaxed flying, getting your body potion just right and so on. As a result I managed to get 15 points on my FS1 jump, and i only needed 4. I can definitely say it was down to the team at Infinite who helped me all the way. I’m just so glad i found them to bring me into the world of skydiving in a professional and safe fashion, and that’s me at the start of the vid 🙂

    London N6

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