Freefly coaching with infinite skydiving

How do i fly head down? How do i transition in place? I seem to track across the sky when I am head down! I find it hard to dock when head up!

All the above are statements or questions from skydivers who are trying to attain a competent degree of control in freefly skydiving. The answer to all of the above is get some coaching, both in the tunnel and in the sky! preferably by the same people as they will recognise the area’s you need to work on and that will make coaching easier as the communication will be well established.

From tunnel to the sky.

Even with tunnel coaching to help you attain the body position basics you will need to tweak them for the sky as there are some slight differences once you are wearing a parachute. There are no short cuts to getting good in the air, however, competent concise coaching will help you achieve your aim faster and safer than the “try it and see” method.

We have just returned from a coaching week in Eloy Arizona at the skydive Arizona dropzone. Our main aims were to get our student (Michael Wilson-Roberts) to achieve the basic’s of head down skydiving whilst maintaining the highest degree of safety. We covered the following:

  • Exits – both inside centre and tail were practised and we also included some head up exits.
  • Basic body position – The daffy, straddle and stall flying positions were covered to give a broad spectrum of possibilities when flying larger formations.
  • Transitions – Sit to head down transitions and head down to head down on varying axis
  • Docking – controlled smooth low docking once stopped and static
  • Movement – Controlled forward movement to cover distance with safe stopping before taking grips or transitioning
  • Good altitude awareness
  • Sub terminal transitions
  • Transition from head down to track

Once the basic body position has been established and the student can start to feel the position rather than just hold a rigid shape then progress becomes rapid.

After 58 jumps we had Michael flying very smoothly, great exits and good transitions. Easily able to fly safely with other competent flyers.. check out his moves on the video…

get coached, get good… Fast!!!

Andy Ford


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