Dubai 2010..

Skydive Dubai

It’s rare that Skydiving is lucky enough to have a new dropzone open as we are a struggling sport with the price of real estate and cost of keeping a skydiving centre profitable in the current economic climate, so when the Emirate of Dubai opens a skydiving centre with two dz’s it really is something to celebrate throughout the sport. It is even rarer if not unheard of for a sport to have such backing as the prince of Dubai his highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum who already has 300+ skydives and has a personal interest in seeing his project Fazza Sky grow into one of the world’s leading dropzones.


Fazza sky dropzone

So with a backdrop of the incredible Palm Jumeriah beneath you when you exit the aircraft the view is breathtaking and 90% of the time you are freefalling over the water between the palm and the dropzone.


The Twin otter jump aircraft run in generally parallel to the beach so the probability of landing in the water is fairly low with safety boats on all three sides of the dropzone on standby incase the unthinkable should happen. The minimum requirement to jump at the Palm dz is a USPA B License or equivalent with anyone below that standard jumping into the desert dropzone on highway 66 on the way to Al Alain exit 47.


The student dropzone in the desert of Dubai

The Desert dz caters for AFF students and those working towards B license with a Pilatus porter and Twin otter and at the moment a Shorts Skyvan as the jump aircraft.

With the available aircraft it is no suprise that the dz at the palm is hosting the 2011 International Parachute Championship and Gulf cup in Canopy swooping and FS 4 way with teams travelling from all over the world to compete.

In the future the world record 500 way team are looking to beat the current 400 way formation record in the skies over Dubai and the 2012 World Parachute Championships could be in either Dubai or Italy

Here are a few images taken with the GoPro HD over the Palm DZ.

If you want a fun place to skydive with spectacular views and a good vibe then pop over to Dubai and soak up some sun.

All the best


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