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AFF Courses 2011 with Infinite skydiving Solutions Ltd

Do you want to learn to skydive?

Then AFF is one way to be trained to become a licensed skydiver in the UK, static line parachuting or the progression system as it is more professionally referred to is the other available method. In the opinion of Infinite Skydiving Instructor Andy Ford AFF is the only way to seriously train to become a skydiver. “I trained on static line back in the day and spent a lot of time sat on the ground because of unfavourable weather conditions, I became a static line parachute Instructor over 11 years ago and watched 1000’s of students try to progress from static line to freefall with dummy pulls being the hardest point to get past” (A dummy pull is a fake handle that the student has to reach for and pull a second after exiting and maintaining an arched position whilst the parachute opens automatically)

1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, check canopy




Andy goes on to say “The dummy pull was a toughest part of the progression,I have seen maybe 4 or 5 students carry out the three consecutive perfect jumps to progress without having to repeat the process multiple times, very frustrating to get the 2nd perfect jump done only to have to start again after messing up the dummy pull on the 3rd attempt”. In the worst case I watched a student on one dropzone spend a year and 70 dummy pulls getting onto freefall (good effort Graham!)








Arch position right of the sill of the plane

The static line progression system or R.A.P.S (Ram. Air. Progression. System.) is a very laborious way of getting to A license and i believe few make it without changing to AFF or giving up and missing out on the wonderful world of freefall.

So if you fancy having a fun and challenging day out then a R.A.P.S.  S/L course is a nice introduction to parachuting. At about £225 for a day’s training and one static line jump it is the cheapest solo way of doing a parachute jump.

A quick breakdown of the course cost:

Initial S/L course £225.00

Progression Jumps £30.00 – £40.00 (minimum jumps required 17 to reach category 8 )

Even though for a skydiving school the S/L course is a more lucrative way of introducing people into the sport at a ratio of 1 instructor to 12 students, Infinite Skydiving have decided not to train static line parachuting as we feel it is not an efficient use of our instructors. We want our students to be skydiving solo and enjoying the sport in a few weeks not a few months. All of our instructors have taught static line parachuting over many years. (Andy Ford and Andy Scott started on the traditional round parachute static line parachute courses in the late 80’s)

AFF or Accelerated Free Fall is without doubt a better system if you are serious about getting into skydiving. A day of ground school much the same as the R.A.P.S system but with some specific lessons about freefall/ in air signals/ Ac emergencies/ freefall emergencies as the aircraft will fly to 13,000ft and not 3,500ft and we are exiting into FREEFALL!! not just instant canopy ride.

Once the ground school and check of understanding are finished we generally pack up for the day to give the student a break, a lot of information is taught during the lessons and the students are generally a little tired and still processing all the information, Infinite Skydiving have found that the general performance is much better waiting to jump the next day. AFF levels one to four can easily be achieved within a day with some of our students completing five and six before retiring for a well earned beer. The AFF course and 10 consolidation jumps can be done within a week or a few weekends of fair weather







Infinite skydivings AFF course is a full package containing the following:

  • All lessons, parachute equipment and briefings required to attain ‘A’ license
  • 8 levels of AFF with world class Instructors (all of our Instructors are world record holders, current or ex world champions & national champions in our excellent sport)
  • 1 month membership to the British Parachute Association (B.P.A. the UK governing body for all civilian parachuting)
  • 10 minutes flight training in the Airkix wind tunnel at milton Keynes coached by our AFF Instructors (£175.00 if booked separately through Airkix)
  • Every level videoed to assist with de-briefing, imperative to see your progression (Available on DVD at the end of the course for a £50.00 donation to a charity we support)
  • Free equipment loan throughout consolidation jumps (I.E. helmet/goggles/altimeter/Jumpsuit/parachute system)
  • Free coaching and briefing for all consolidation jumps (10 jumps in total)
  • Professional coaching and on hand advice throughout skydiving progression with briefings/parachute packing lessons as you approach ‘B’ license (50 jumps)
  • Free logbook for you to keep a perfect log of all your descents (up too 200 in a book)

All of the above costs you £1,400.00 with no hidden extra’s (unlike many European courses we won’t mention) If you like we offer a level one only package for £375.00 if you wish to try the sport without committing to the full 8 levels (you can always carry on after you have completed level 1)

Check out some levels of AFF on our website

if you wish to take up this amazing sport then give us a call on 07876500515 or drop us a line on and feel free to call just to discuss the course.

See you for an adrenaline packed 2011


Infinite Skydiving Team


FS Coaching at Infinite skydiving

For the 2010 season Infinite Skydiving have the pleasure of promoting their formation skydiving coaching school at the dropzone every weekend.

What’s new??

Once the AFF course and consolidation jumps have been completed we have British Parachute Association accredited coaches available to get you through the FS1 requirement (Manual). laid out here is the FS1 as in the BPA Operations manual.

6.4.         Formation Skydiving (FS)

6.4.1. To obtain Grade 1 in Formation Skydiving (FS1) the parachutist must, be introduced to FS by a CCI/Advanced Instructor nominated FS1 Grade parachutist or equivalent of proven FS instructional ability, have received a full safety brief and demonstrated the ability to:

a)            Control fall rate.

b)            Control horizontal movement, (forwards, backwards and sideways).

c)             Achieve ‘docking’ techniques.

d)            Turn in place.

e)             Dive and approach a target.

f)             Complete four points of 4-way FS.

N.B.(1)   No more than one Category 8 jumper per group, all other jumpers in any group must be FS1 parachutists.

N.B.(2)   Training programmes other than those contained in the BPA Formation Skydiving (FS) Manuals are acceptable for training for FS1, provided all the requirements of sub-para 6.4.1. (above) are met.

SEC 2/PAGE 9/FEB 2006

The cost is minimal at £45 per one on one coached jump with a full brief and video de-brief for each jump. You can also get the footage on DVD to take away at the end of the course for a charity donation to Karis kids who we are working with in 2010. (more about the charity later)

The FS1 is a fun and worth while level of skydiving to attain (mandatory if you want to jump with your mates) and we see many skydivers get a little lost as to where to get the correct high quality coaching needed to safely and quickly gain the qualification, learning the up to date techniques used by the UK’s best teams who are also still paying the worlds top coaches thousands of $$$ to coach them and filtering the skills and techniques down to you at such a small cost is fantastic value.

check out some of our current students:

Our coaches are Phil Hartree (also one of our AFF Instructors) Georgie Roles, 4 way FS team member from the “Jet Blondes” and currently uk FS team “Fend 4 Yourself” and Benji Dawson who also flies camera for our FS, AFF and Tandems providing awesome footage and images.

have fun in the skies and enjoy the journey



Only an hour from the capital we are easily reached from London and the South East as well as Bimingham and the West Midlands by both rail and road with the m40 corridor only a few miles from the Airfield.

April 2021

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