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WR head down Invitational 135 way

After the 108 way in 2009 Skydive Chicago are holding another attempt at a world record, this time looking to put 135 of the worlds top freeflyers in formation.

Andy Ford from Infinite Skydive is amongst those invited after completing successfully the Arizona WR try outs in April and will be blogging throughout the Summerfest Boogie and the WR attempts and hopefully the WR itself.

Video clips, Images from the jumps and some interviews with some of the nicest and coolest flyers around will be in the daily updates.

Check back here from the 28th July onwards to keep up with what’s going down.


How to book a skydive! (and be satisfied by the whole process)

Easy! turn on that shiny mac book and google skydiving or skydiving in london etc. etc. Maybe your looking to do a charity parachute jump for a current uk charity or a cause that is close to you personally. Many 1st time jumpers opt to make a tandem for charity to raise funds for the cause that may have affected a family member or close friend. Of course you may wish to purchase a gift or voucher for a friend or maybe even just feel the need to take to the skies for yourself.

Well as most of us have already realised the world wide web can be a tricky and frustrating place to navigate as everyone with access to a computer seems to have a website! The most difficult part is to know exactly what you want as generally it’s all going to be new information at this stage of the process. Does any of the following form part of your “I am looking for this to go skydiving” list:

  • Professional and helpful voice on the phone who know what they are talking about because they really skydive not just sell skydives.
  • Prompt and concise reply when you e-mail your questions and inevitable concerns (everybody is a little nervous when thinking about making a jump from a plane)
  • A good feeling about the people you are booking with.
  • A competitive rate for either yourself or your group
  • A company that are looking to make that skydive a fantastic experience not just treat you like just another Tandem or AFF student once they have taken your credit card details.

We feel the same when we book services online so we do understand how it feels to be ignored and frustrated when you require information about something your looking to do for the first time that you want to be 100% right (no-one wants to do a 98% correct skydive 😉

So where do you look? your favorite web search engine is most peoples first port of call! Enter your desired question and bam! a list of providers of the service your looking for.. Well, generally most people start on the top of page one and go to the sponsored links.. Why look any further right? after all these are the top on page one, they must be the best. Actually the sponsored links and most of the page one are the companies with the large marketing budget, not necessarily the best staff or experience, the more you pour money into ad-words the higher up the list you rise, it’s all about the money!

Scream louder...

Here are some tips to help you end up with a great Tandem or AFF experience and not end up sitting in a field with a styrofoam cup of weak coffee wondering what is going on whilst all the people in the colourful suits buzz around having a good time.

Rule number one above anything else is to find a parachute centre or skydiving centre that are the providers of the skydive you wish to make. Not an agency that take your credit card details and then sell the product to the centre taking a chunk of your money for the privilege, usually £50 or more. Yes they have fancy headed paper and nice envelopes but is that worth the extra money. We too have some pretty fancy headed paper as it happens.

Rule number two check whether there maybe any further charges for the day, if the Tandem skydive is only £150.00 whilst everyone else seems around the £220-£250 range it’s probably to good to be true and other charges may “suddenly occur” on the day.

Rule number three ask questions, we expect you to ask a lot of questions after all you are looking to put your life quite literally in our capable hands. If you don’t get the answers you are looking for, make a call elsewhere, customer service should be a main priority.

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