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July 31st (and some from the 30th) record day..

29th July…

9 am briefing in the auditorium, yeah! Skydive Chicago have an auditorium that seats at least 100 for those big way de-brief moments. Rook Nelson takes the centre stage to brief the crowd about the day’s events. Two 44 way’s and a 40 ish way with Babylon, Rook /Mike Swanson and Dave Gershfeld running the 3 groups…

Rook and Mikes group build a fairly nice formation, and on the second attempt after a few slot changes the build is even swifter. Babylon’s 44 way seems to be going well also and on the 3rd attempt Rook and Mikes group build a fairly trouble free formation.

Ok, I have been lame with updates today… will upload video shortly!!

30th July

After an awesome night jump with fireworks and impressive swoops the evening was lit up with a huge firework display.. A 9 am start for the record participants confirms that the Skyvan is indeed out of action and cost prohibits getting another one in, another Otter however is due here in a few hours. So the aircraft scenario means that an 80 way is the first goal of the day as soon as the cloud dissipates.

Rook has given the briefing for the O¬≤ use and everyone has been alloted a slot for the formation. the “Alpha team” or hungry bench are waiting to see the outcome and putting together some smaller dives.. video taking time to upload with everyone on their laptops e-mailing away!!!

So far after not being on the original 80 way I went to update and grab a coffee, only to be grabbed 5 minutes later by an excited David G, dragging me to the dirt dive that i was late for?? I had been pulled into the 80 way just not told ha ha! hence lack of keyboard action… So, 2 x 80 way attempts later and the weather has come in a little cloudy so were on a weather/blogging update hold…

The first 80 way attempt the aircraft had some climb out/communication issues causing the left Otter to stay on board as they hadn’t received a green on climb out call.. No wonder the dive to the base was traffic free!! but the rest seemed to build quite smoothly..

Second attempt was way better with a 5 minute, 2 minute and 1 minute call before Green on making everyone more aware of the fast approaching exit. The build went well with really spot on heading base and fast flowing traffic free flight to slot, some issues in one of the pod or pod links mean’t that a 74 way was completed.. sure was the biggest formation I have ever been in… as the current world record is 69 ūüėČ

Another 80 way attempt, awesome skydive, the pod i was in built and must have flown for 15 seconds, seemed more like 30!! the base was super smooth and everything seemed to go well, upon landing most people seemed to think it all went well! Alas 1 out by about a ft… 12″ away from a WR 80 way AAAhhhhhh!! how close can it get.. So on with the 108 way.. We are all chilling between de-brief and call to dirt dive. My new lens has arrived, HD Opteka, wicked!

laters (will edit and post video later)


18:30 Having dirt dived the 108 way we are at the mercy of the weather and that isn’t a good thing by the colour of the skies… stood down until 8am tomorrow for the 108 way H/D WR attempt. Will attempt to get some stuff up here to read and watch asap.




Summerfest and the head down world record attempt.. 28th July 09

Arriving at 9 am the DZ was pretty quiet, maybe the hellfish toga party got too a few people ;-), The skies are blue but threatening to change to black as the day goes on so the organisers are hustling to get the loads going whilst the weather holds… Dave G’s group is in the air so i decide to throw my hat in the ring with Noah too see how things shape up.. And the 2 organisers hook up to create an 18 way sequential dive followed by a 22 way sequential.. what more could you want, some no pressure long dives to the base to ease into the day…

Some footage from the first 2 jumps of the day, both nice jumps with minor error’s to correct to see them complete..

Nice relaxing lunch, really not worth queuing for the food, 15 minutes waiting to order and 30 to get a sandwich, at least it’s served with a smile!!!!! ¬†So a coffee and walmart goodies are the order of the day.. With the incredible humidity hydration is without doubt the most important factor here, by 2 or 3 pm you can feel pretty knackered if you haven’t caned the water all day.

Dave G’s group again this afternoon with a nice fairly complicated 14 way with a 9 way chunk out of the Otter with a couple of floaters and a the rest diving. Fairly fast build to the first point and a smooth transition to the big round, moved across for the in/out facing and the levels became a problem… We decided to transition the out-facers to head up anyway and the rest is history ūüėČ Will post video later…

Weather hold.. Brit’s all over the dropzone are scratching their head and looking confused?? a couple of clouds have built somewhere near Idaho and were stuck on the deck.. good time to update and chase people for a quick chat.

Wicked wicked cool skydive, 20 way sequential from 13oooft because of the weather, check out the image of point #1 from babylon cameraflyer Kuri, taken with the Canon eos 5D mk2 (for you camera geeks).

20 way VFS

Weather seems to be closing in a little, feels like another storm approaching with the intense humidity.. The only load going is a hop an pop load doing a swoop n chug!

Quick interview with Liz Chare from the UK..

Hey Liz, first of all how many jumps do you have? “300, did my 300th today with Jim Lewis who was also doing his 300th jump ;-Liz) We¬†did a rodeo.. very cool”

First time at Summerfest? “no, 3rd time here.. “

Why do you come back? “It’s the biggest boogie I can find, with super super friendly people, brilliant load organising and the DZ is the sweetest set up”.. Oh! and a great party!!!

Do you jump much in the Uk? “No not really, have done a few..”

Why not? “Cost and weather mostly, I have also found some UK dropzones less welcoming than US DZ’s”

What’s you main aim or goal here at the Summerfest boogie? “to improve my skills in FS and build up my wingsuit jumps, i currently have 17 and i love it”

Thanks Liz, go cheer jim on in the swoop n chug

Hmmm, have just been and checked out “swoop n chug” fairly disturbed by the sight of the second guy down doing it naked, from the distance he slid on landing i think his evening may taken up removing impacted¬†grass….

Have finished the next short video clip.. I feel obliged on behalf of youtube to apologise for them removing all of the soundtracks within minutes of upload… will upload soon. Also some images from the pond and maybe a clip or two of the evening swoopers.

Frederick getting some speed on...

20 way 1

20 way 2

Some fun and demanding¬†flying for Dave G’s¬†20 ways…

20 way 3

Tomorrow, July 29th is the warm up day for the attempts.. 40 ways are the aim of the day and when i know more i’ll tell ya..

Ciao for now



Summerfest and the head down world record attempt.. 27th July 09

Wow! The pace has been fairly hot with $21 tickets and free load organising everyone has been making the most of blue skies and long days. The FS jumpers always seem to be up and dirt diving early with the first Skyvan and Otter loads taking off around 0830, waking most of the freeflyers up in their various tents scattered around the beautiful Skydive Chicago site.

Personally I have gotten involved in Mikey Carpenter’s groups, the most organised part of Mikey’s loads are him actually being ready himself, but what he lacks in punctuality and ability to control a group of freeflyers he sure makes up for in the quality of flying and awesome energy he brings to the group.. If you want fun 10 way + groups with lots of movement and rhythm both head up and head down then Mikey has it covered.

Dave Gershfeld maybe small in stature at around 5″4′ and 120lb, but he is an awesome flyer with “typically” Northern Californian idea’s on freefly groups, multi point skydives anywhere from 10-20 way with lots of lines moving past and around each other creating a kaleidoscope of movement and creative points.

When Mikey C and Dave join forces to create bigger groups then you are definitely in for a treat, 3 point 22 way with only a couple of grips missing on the 3rd point (only the outfacing ones ;-)) and you can imagine the quality of the skydive, and all form 14.000ft.

I will try and upload video today and get some images to post as a picture paints a 1000 words instead of my blurb.. apologies for not posting more often but it’s way too much fun here..

Did I mention we attempted a 2 plane 44 way yesterday, more of that later..

If you wanna catch a different take on the boogie take a look at the “Tony Suit tour

Some video at last..

Another great day, chilled more today as the humidity is fairly high and saps the energy if your cracking out 8-10 jumps a day.. here are some still images from some of the jumps so far..

I think that’s pretty much it for the day, lots of loads again, No Skyvan today as it seems their was an issue with the starboard engine.. Hope that’s sorted for the wednesday start to the 108 way warm ups as the base is in the skyvan for the record attempts. Tonight is the 6th annual hellfish toga party… the mind boggles!! I’m sure their will be a few sore heads in the morning ;-)For those of you that started freeflying a few years back and watched the awesome freefly chronicles filmed with Olav and the freefly Clowns you will remember Mr Orly King.. Imagine my suprise to see Mr King on the Dropzone today, one of the best parts of boogies is meeting up with some faces from your skydiving past and saying “Hi”…

Check back tomorrow to see what the folks at Summerfest 09 are getting up too….

ciao for now


OOPS! forgot to upload the second video montage.. my bad!


Summerfest and the head down world record attempt.. 25th July 09

After a trouble free flight, then getting pulled by the cops whilst in the back of a cab I made it the 90 minutes down south of Chicago to Ottawa and “Skydive Chicago”. By the way, it wasn’t me pulled over, the insane indian taxi driver swerving across 3 lanes in front of the sheriff 40 seconds after we set off did the trick. Luckily for him the cop didn’t want to detain me too long so let him off with a warning, after I got him to reset the $5.00 he’d rung up on the meter mumbling his way out of a ticket…

Anyway i digress, Skydive Chicago… What a beautiful skydiving resort nestled in next to the Fox river just off of highway 8. Greeted by RV’s and tents neatly put up next to the owners twin beech (I particularly like that for style) and a huge hanger emblazoned with the Skydive Chicago logo standing out in the centre. This place is not a skydiving centre, it is a skydiving resort! With kayaking, horseriding and Skydiving even the non skydivers are catered for…

Day one then, a not too early start after a night of biblical storms (so glad I opted for the hotel) and the hanger is buzzing with the 100 way FS participants and lots of Freeflyers, Tandem’s, AFF classes and a variety of people packing, de-briefing and chilling.. The hanger is big enough to easily house the 4 otters and skyvan if needed. What a great sight….

Their are a great list of organisers for the summerfest event including the following:

RW Load Organizers
BJ Worth July 24 Р26 (100-ways)
Roger Ponce July 24 – 26 (100-ways)
Sandy Grillett Whole Event
JaNette Lefkowitz (of Rhythm XP) Whole Event
Steve Lefkowitz (of Rhythm XP) July 25-26 & July 29-Aug 2
Whole Event
Laurent Beaudouin (of Rhytm XP) July 25-26 & Aug 1-2
Rob Radez (of Rhytm XP) July 25-26 & Aug 1-2
Tom Falzone July 28 – Aug 2
Max Meijer Aug 1 -2
TJ Hine July 31 РAug 2
Freefly Load Organizers
Mike Carpenter July 25 – 29
David Gershfeld July 25 – 29
Mick Nuttall July 25 – 29
Will Pesek July 25, 26, 28
Noah Bahnson July 25, 26, 28
Mike Wittenburg July 25, 26, 29
Rook Nelson July 25 – 28
Ben Crooch Aug 1-2
TJ Ewing July 30 – Aug 2
Jeremiah Hendry July 30 – Aug 2
Wingsuit Load Organizers
Jeff Nebelkopf Whole Event
Justin Shorb

Whole Event


Summerfest and the head down world record attempt..

Whilst sounding like the title of a Harry Potter novel the “Summerfest and the head down world record attempt..” will hopefully have a lot more magic and less lightning than the Rowling creation.

I head out today to Chicago to attend the Summerfest Chicago boogie at the Skydive Chicago dropzone in Ottawa Illonois. Amongst the “things to do” at the boogie is the world record VFS formation attempt currently standing (read falling) at 69 linked in formation will hopefully be broken with 108 VFS formation.

As with the Euro record their are a number of Brit’s in attendance whom I shall name once i get a few minutes online with my participants sheet.. For now i know that Martin reynolds, James Davies, Jim Harris, Danny Parker, Mark Joiner, Andy Newell, Adam “Killa” Mattacola, Mikey Carpenter are attending.

So far the organisation from Erin Horton and the Skydive Chicago team has been excellent, a sheet was e-mailed out with the participants names and slot numbers alongside a template for the record itself showing each numbered slot, each sector has been allocated their aircraft and each aircraft is also shown with slots for exit.. I even know my choice for the bagged lunches each day. Feel free Euro Record organisors to take note of how the Skydive Chicago team have gone about this attempt!!!! nuff said.

So, as soon as i am WiFi’d up stateside I will attempt to keep the blog updated, as with Euro record 09 It may be difficult to do everything so it may take time between updates, i am sure you understand. Feel free to make comments or ask questions and I will endeavor to answer them.. for now, i have a flight to catch




London ink take to the skies

If your a fan of tattoo’s the ink in the skin kind and not the military brass band spectaculars then you may have heard of louis Malloy, for the last 24 years Mr Malloy has been practicing the art of tattooing and is seen by many to be at the top of his profession, being the artist who created David Beckham’s Guardian Angel.

Mr Louis Malloy and entourage of like minded artists are currently working with The Discovery Channel on the aptly named Sky TV program “London Ink” and in show number 6 Mr Malloy takes to the skies on a Tandem skydive with one of his “customers” Mr Toby Goodchild ¬†before later returning the favor with some awesome artwork on Toby in the studio.

Tandem Instructor Loz Cross along with Toby jumped from 13,000ft with Infinite Skydiving Camera flyer Andy Ford to film for the series.. 

Here are some of the images of the sharply dressed and very laid back louis Malloy making the descent.. 



Andy Ford

Infinite Skydiving Solutions ltd.



Eloy VFS competition

Well, it’s Friday 18th and the team have done as much training as possible with the Tunnel flying schedule and weather conditions, so 40 team jumps completed and a mini meet draw already flown. The Skydive AZ 4 way VFS competition starts tomorrow with teams in open and Intermediate class. Outbreak Vertical are going into the open as they have tried to train the harder blocks 4,5, & 6, with some success, more practice would have been good but ya play the cards ya dealt so the team phrase “suck it up, buttercup” definitely comes into play here..¬†

As a quick end to the training phase the team were invited on Matt Hills 1000th jump a 20 way that built to an 17 with all the team in slot and flying well…¬†


So the draw for the 6 round meet will take place tonight at 7pm mountain time (Arizona??) and will be uploaded along with the team shortly after..






VFS training Jumps..

Weather still being a hinderance to getting good consolidation with the jumping, Exits seem to be getting better, after 20 jumps we are definitely all in slot and launching a good solid chunk and turning on the hill.. With some of the tougher blocks such as 6 (snowflake) and 11 Overcrank/undercrank to fly were hoping for better conditions before the weekends competition…¬†

Here are some more dives and some tunnel we have been working on:

More to come as we train through the week towards the Eloy VFS comp at the weekend



VFS updates

Windy weather has slowed the jumping a little with the heat causing some awesome but dangerous dust devils across the DZ, best avoided at all cost. Tunnel each morning at 6am for an hour then straight to breakfast for a de-brief and plan for the day. 

Some of our tunnel flying below with mark Joiner and myself doing 4 way drills whilst Jim and Dan progress onto the Head down skills…¬†

Tunnel fun in the mornings with the more tiring VFS training broken down to 1 minute sessions i the evenings keeps the fun and learning at an even pace, nothing like beasting yourself every session to get tired quickly. Check out some of the fun were having learning new “tunnel tricks”

Another day with 3 hrs tunnel and a few skydives, will post some jumps when I get time to edit…¬†







VRW camp Eloy USA

Flights, transport, accomodation… blah blah, after only one run in¬†for speeding¬†with the local law enforcement agency, Mini van stuffed to the gunells with peeps and kit, we arrived at the Skydive Arizona tunnel. A quick waiver and off to the hotel for some well earned shut eye. As normal absolutely shattered after 20+ hrs traveling but wide awake this morning for an hour in the Skyventure AZ wind tunnel under the guidance of Arizona Arsenal Vrw team member Steve Curtis.


A slow start with gear checks and waivers then an hour or so with Steve walking through the 12 blocks and 12 randoms before getting airborne to run through the process all over…¬†

Jump 1, totally revamped exit, flew ok but will get better with time, then random A-Cross to Block-3, H/D Accordian..



H/D Accordian

Day1 finished with some tunnel flying with AZ Arsenal flyers Steve and Sarah Curtis with some of the team progressing towards head down in the tunnel and others doing some 4 way VRW and fun flying…¬†

check back for updates over the next couple of weeks..

Buddy Buddy on the Hill




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