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Tandem Skydives we have loved being involved with

We do a lot of tandems at infinite Skydiving so it’s only fair we share with you some of the fun we are having, the pictures paint a thousand words as it were, so we’ll just let them speak for themselves.

Some of the tandem Skydives were for charity and some for birthdays and other special occasions but the results were the same… everybody who made a skydive with us went home smiling and wanting to do it again in the near future.

if you fancy flinging yourself into the blue then let us know, we know you will have a fantastic experience with our team.

Quick video of a long scream! (but a great smile)




Old Photographs

Sorting through some old skydiving images, I came across a lot of “old” and “young” faces, mine included. Some great memories were stirred of moments in my skydiving career with Mike Frost my  Team Playstation Skysurf team mate, with the many trips we made to various destinations competing in the ESPN Extreme Games pro tour and the 1997 World Air Games in Turkey representing the UK. Also found some photo’s from the helicopter jumps we did at Weston on the Green, jump after jump  spent chasing the one particular image and struggling to get the ‘shot’ with the timing issue’s and peculiarities of a still air exit. Every exit we did the skysurfer was to close in the canon 15mm lens and cropping occurred. 


  Mike was having a few minor complications to deal with such as trying to get the skysurf board on and safely attached in the confines of the cab, climbing or hopping onto the skid was precarious as we hovered at 8,000ft, sliding between the skid and the fuselage was a scenario that would definitely ruin the day. As the camera flyer I was having a few minor problems of my own to contend with, the interior of the helicopter wasn’t designed for Skysurfer and camera flyer to sit comfortably during the flight with the doors removed, so outside i went, 10 minutes standing on the skid on the way to altitude whilst Mike got ready, then getting my camera equipment checked and on, all the while trying not to fall of the skid, checking and helping Mike get his board on and tightened in the confined space was all part of the fun.


As the day wore on and we racked up the jumps we managed to scare the helicopter pilot witless with our antic’s, hanging two camera flyers and a skysurfer off of one skid plays havoc with the trim of the aircraft, or so the pilot scream “get off, it’s going” led me to believe, so we conceded and placed the other cameraflyer on the opposite skid, not ideal for a perfect exit shot! But better than getting a helicopter crashing  into us on exit shot?


We strived to get the elusive image throughout the day using different exit techniques that didn’t elicit expletives from the pilot until we managed a shot that we were happy with. Amazed at how difficult the project had been, how hard could it be to leave a helicopter and take a photograph of a team mate when we had nearly a thousand skydives together, apparently only six from a nearly hovering helicopter though! At least our sponsor was pleased and enjoyed watching our efforts throughout the day, so we took him up to 10,oooft (where the helicopter was struggling for further altitude) and took him out for a tandem skydive in the still air of a helicopter exit, great fun to be able to share the experience.


The image we were looking for, a casual skysurf exit shot from the Jet Ranger (even managed to liner up the rotor blades 😉 


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Andy Ford 

April 2021

Infinite Skydiving Pictures